Juwita Mocca Dress B


Juwita Mocca Dress B

Juwita Mocca Dress merupakan koleksi terbaru dari Anggia Syar'i. Dibuat dari kombinasi kain jet black berwarna putih dengan kain premium silk sehingga nyaman dan lembut untuk digunakan. Cocok untuk digunakan daily dan semua produk busui friendly. Details bukaan nya memakai zipper sehingga membuat penampilanmu semakin trendy. TIDAK TERAWANG karena bahan tebal
- Material : premium silk & jet black
- color : white
- size : all size
Bust : 120 Length 140cm
- details : bukaan dibagian depan dengan zipper


soumade collection

anggia handmade for paris front row 2023

Anggia Handmade carries the Soumade Theme with the Concept of Women Empowering on the wastra used, namely Cirebon Batik which has a vision of lifting the global economy and benefiting the surrounding environment. At the Indonesia International Modest Fashion Festival 2023, Anggia Handmade released the Spring Summer 2024/2025 collection.
Soumade was inspired by the two-sided form of life of soul mates, many differences but one thought. This collection uses Cirebon Batik Wastra which is Coastal Cap and Printing Batik with bright colors typical of Coastal Batik. Contemporary and Geometric motifs are used with rather large shapes.

Komorebi collection

Am by anggiasari for nyfw a/w 23-24

AM is a modest fashion brand with Anggiasari as the creator behind its aesthetic values. It carries the concept of sustainability by recycling as its design strategy. She utilized denim garments which are rejected due to defects and overstock from local factories with a combination of locally made environmental friendly textiles. Comfortable on the skin containing 85 – 100% cotton. At New York Fashion Week 2023, AM by Anggiasari will collaborate with Boolao, Brand that have sustainable Brand DNA. Boolao have a concept “Shibori on Ecoprint textiles” is a combination of techniques between natural dyes of bundles ecoprint and tie dye with authentic design on various silk material. At New York Fashion Week 2023, AM by Anggiasari presenting Autumn Winter 2023/ 2024.

Komorebi, the theme of AM’s new collection. Comes from Japanese which means sunlight that enters through the gaps in the leaves. The Collection is a collaboration of concepts tiedye, Shibori and Ecoprint. “Shibori on Ecoprint textiles” is a combination of techniques between natural dyes of bundles ecoprint and tiedye with authentic design on various silk material. Shibori is a manual tiedyeing technique, known in Indonesia as Jumputan or Sasirangan. Ecoprinting is a technique where plants (leaf and flower), leave their shapes, color, and marks on fabric. Plant material bundled inside of cloth is steamed or boiled to release the natural dye inside the plant, creating a contact print in the shape of the leaf or flower used. This textiles also inspired by Indonesian wastra, following traditional pattern in Indonesia. Utilizing a variety of leaves and flowers, as well as by empowering women community in the Sayang Village, West Java.

Anggia handmade

jmfw x puteri indonesia 2022

Arina Rezkyana is a "Puteri Indonesia" from Southeast Sulawesi. Her attractive charm is wrapped in a graceful dress from the resurgence 2.0 collection by anggia handmade. The geometric embroidery combined with the woven fabric used in this dress symbolizes the diversity and beauty of Indonesia. This is an interpretation that even in diversity we still have the same goal as the Indonesian nation.

am by anggiasari

outvader's collection at paris fashion show

The Outvader collection is made in a sporty casual, androgynous style. Bersilhoutte H and oversized, with water-resistant cotton and polyester materials. Light brown color palette with details in the form of tie dye and quilting motifs. The collection consists of basic suits in the form of outer, blouse and pallazo which refers to the zerowaste concept that prioritizes the remaining materials as little as possible.

am by anggiasari x apr at muffest 2020

AM by Anggiasari is a fashion brand that chosen by a viscose-rayon producer based in Riau Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) to collaborate on the MUFFEST 2020. Both raise the concept of sustainable textiles, known as sustainable fashion. Anggiasari went with clashing patterns nestled within layers, contrasting muted blues with darker purples and the occasional print or flash of green. Styling tended toward edgy, with sewn-on paneling in contrasting patterns and distressed, unfinished detailing sprucing up the looks.

"unalome" by anggia handmade at muffest 2020

Anggia Handmade launched its latest collection at the 2020 Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST). Pastel and feminine colors were packaged romantically in a collection entitled 'Unalome'. This collection is different from before. The embroidery details shown are no longer floral, updated with geometric embroidery designs. So that it looks more minimalist but still elegant

AM by Anggiasari first debuted at JFW 2020

AM by Anggiasari first made his debut in JFW 2020, the first collection of FIBRIN-themed that was inspired by fibrin, a protein that is not soluble in yarn in plasma in blood clotting process. This collection with androgyny and sporty casual style displays the results of various materials ranging from denim, bamboo cotton, linen, and leather, reinforced details such as layer games, symmetrical and asymmetric pieces, patchwork applications, material manupulation, and denim washing techniques.



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