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AM by Anggiasari first debuted at JFW 2020

AM by Anggiasari first made his debut in JFW 2020, the first collection of FIBRIN-themed that was inspired by fibrin, a protein that is not soluble in yarn in plasma in blood clotting process. This collection with androgyny and sporty casual style displays the results of various materials ranging from denim, bamboo cotton, linen, and leather, reinforced details such as layer games, symmetrical and asymmetric pieces, patchwork applications, material manupulation, and denim washing techniques.

"unalome" by anggia handmade at muffest 2020

Anggia Handmade launched its latest collection at the 2020 Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST). Pastel and feminine colors were packaged romantically in a collection entitled 'Unalome'. This collection is different from before. The embroidery details shown are no longer floral, updated with geometric embroidery designs. So that it looks more minimalist but still elegant

am by anggiasari x apr at muffest 2020

AM by Anggiasari is a fashion brand that chosen by a viscose-rayon producer based in Riau Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) to collaborate on the MUFFEST 2020. Both raise the concept of sustainable textiles, known as sustainable fashion. Anggiasari went with clashing patterns nestled within layers, contrasting muted blues with darker purples and the occasional print or flash of green. Styling tended toward edgy, with sewn-on paneling in contrasting patterns and distressed, unfinished detailing sprucing up the looks.